Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love at first sight

I knew the instant Rory began to play with his Cagey Cube that it was love at first sight! He hasn't lost interest in it yet! I'm going to start rotating his toys just to be safe.

Sunday and Monday I felt very weak and sleepy. I did walk with Rory on the 3 mile trail, but it was exhausting, and usually it isn't. Today I was full of energy, and of course so was Rory! I worked on a few Control Unleashed exercises with him, that's about it training wise. Once he learns to calm down, I can continue trick training. Obedience just isn't the same as tricks though. :(

There's a possibility we may go on a hike or to a park tomorrow. I'll post an update to Twitter. I'm trying to use it more often. I'm actually not sure how it works exactly, or what I should be tweeting about. Oh well. :p

Rory's Twitter: Twitter.com/Rorythekelpie


  1. Cute pictures, he looks good on orange!

  2. Love the pictures, the background really complement him.