Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Job Rory!

Rory behaved less like a psychotic dog today! Yay!

I did a bunch of training sessions through out where I would treat him when he was calm. This advice was given to me from a great Faceboom group called 'Beyond Cesar Millian'. I'd suggest to anyone interested in positive dog training to check it out. :)

Rory ran off leash in the fenced in yard
for a good amount of time, and I then brought him for a two and a half mile walk.

Later in the yard, I tripped over nothing because I'm a clutz, and he began to play tug-o- war with my shoe. I 'grounded the leash' and he stopped bitting at my shoe.

Rory's favorite part of the day was probably playing with his cong ball, trying to lick out all of the delicious treats. He seriously loves that cong ball!!!

Rory only nipping me once is progress... And on the very first day is great! I know there are going to still be more ups and downs, but I'm ready for it. All I truly needed to know was why he was nipping me, and how to stop it.

A few other owners I've chatted with also had this problem. It was very stressful and emotional for them, but overtime by keeping positive and being consistent, their dogs stopped nipping. I can't even begin to explain how relieved I was to hear that I'm not the only one with a crazy, nippy dog!

(The picture is of Rory watching the cows we passed on our walk)

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