Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Rory!

All I know is that Rory was born sometime on November... So happy Birthday Rory!

Tomorrow I'm having a 'Puppy Party Palooza' celebrating me getting a new dog, but so far only 1 of my friends is coming for sure. Rory will be happy with that, he actually LOVES my friend who is coming. The park has a giant field so he can run around (on leash); he will have a blast! He won't even know the party was a fail. :p

His nipping has stopped a little bit, but he is still just too... crazy. I've been working on a few calming exercises which don't seem to work. I received a reply from the trainer I've been in contact with, so maybe he can also help me out with that. He's better than a week ago, but he's still crazy.

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