Thursday, November 29, 2012

Temporary Foster Puppy

My local library is like a community center. Well, yesterday, the main volunteer found this puppy in the bathroom. According to the vet, she's about 3 months old, possibly some sort of Rat Terrier or Jack Russell mix. No one was able to take her until we find her home or a temporary foster home, so she's in my brothers room. We have Bailey, my foster dog, and Rory separated from the living room, it's just too much work. (The puppy is being kept in my brothers room.)

I have 3 people interested in adopting her, and a great friend of mine has offered to foster her until she finds a home. :) At the moment, things are pretty chaotic here. Rory doesn't know she's in the house, so all is good for now.

I've been working on the Surprise Party Game with Rory, and he is getting the hang of it. I'll be practicing with some distractions tomorrow, and if he behaves, I'll start with the dogs at a distance. I have my fingers crossed!

Once the puppy we found gets adopted or a new foster home, I'll go back to my regular routine with Rory. For now, he has to deal with no playtime with my brothers. That will be awful for him.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love at first sight

I knew the instant Rory began to play with his Cagey Cube that it was love at first sight! He hasn't lost interest in it yet! I'm going to start rotating his toys just to be safe.

Sunday and Monday I felt very weak and sleepy. I did walk with Rory on the 3 mile trail, but it was exhausting, and usually it isn't. Today I was full of energy, and of course so was Rory! I worked on a few Control Unleashed exercises with him, that's about it training wise. Once he learns to calm down, I can continue trick training. Obedience just isn't the same as tricks though. :(

There's a possibility we may go on a hike or to a park tomorrow. I'll post an update to Twitter. I'm trying to use it more often. I'm actually not sure how it works exactly, or what I should be tweeting about. Oh well. :p

Rory's Twitter:

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Our package from The Clicker Company arrived today! 

I ordered 2 puzzle games, 1 cagey cube, a clicker whistle, and a target stick. I thought the clicker whistle was genius! Rory, on the other hand, could care less, he was obsessed with the cagey cube.

I'll be making some short review videos for each product. They will be just quick videos showing Rory interacting with them.

Today was like Christmas for Rory!! Shiloh and Delilah had no interest in any of the toys. Now this has me thinking about buying him a Christmas present… I found some adorable pjs in the Doctors Foster and Smith's catalogue. It's probably best I buy something that he'll enjoy though. And something that will keep him entertained, like the cagey cube! He's been playing all day with that toy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Rory!

All I know is that Rory was born sometime on November... So happy Birthday Rory!

Tomorrow I'm having a 'Puppy Party Palooza' celebrating me getting a new dog, but so far only 1 of my friends is coming for sure. Rory will be happy with that, he actually LOVES my friend who is coming. The park has a giant field so he can run around (on leash); he will have a blast! He won't even know the party was a fail. :p

His nipping has stopped a little bit, but he is still just too... crazy. I've been working on a few calming exercises which don't seem to work. I received a reply from the trainer I've been in contact with, so maybe he can also help me out with that. He's better than a week ago, but he's still crazy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Good Job Rory!

Rory behaved less like a psychotic dog today! Yay!

I did a bunch of training sessions through out where I would treat him when he was calm. This advice was given to me from a great Faceboom group called 'Beyond Cesar Millian'. I'd suggest to anyone interested in positive dog training to check it out. :)

Rory ran off leash in the fenced in yard
for a good amount of time, and I then brought him for a two and a half mile walk.

Later in the yard, I tripped over nothing because I'm a clutz, and he began to play tug-o- war with my shoe. I 'grounded the leash' and he stopped bitting at my shoe.

Rory's favorite part of the day was probably playing with his cong ball, trying to lick out all of the delicious treats. He seriously loves that cong ball!!!

Rory only nipping me once is progress... And on the very first day is great! I know there are going to still be more ups and downs, but I'm ready for it. All I truly needed to know was why he was nipping me, and how to stop it.

A few other owners I've chatted with also had this problem. It was very stressful and emotional for them, but overtime by keeping positive and being consistent, their dogs stopped nipping. I can't even begin to explain how relieved I was to hear that I'm not the only one with a crazy, nippy dog!

(The picture is of Rory watching the cows we passed on our walk)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


There's nothing worse than being annoyed with your own dog....  That's how I've been feeling lately. Rory had been soo nippy these past few weeks. Luckily, I've been given some super advice on how to calm him down and prevent him from nipping.

Basically, I'll be planning out my whole day, adding in extra walks and training sessions. Changes will be made, good changes! I'm going to finally order Controll Unleashed, and contact a dog trainer I discovered after months of searching! I even used my $50 gift card from The Clicker Company, from Rory winning Pet of The Month, to buy 2 treat toy puzzles, a whistle clicker, a target stick, and a box & ball puzzle toy.

 Tomorrow, I start my new plan. I have a great feeling about this; I bet Rory will enjoy it too!