Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rory VS Sheep Part 2!

Rory had another herding lesson, finally, and things went well. Actually, the whole lesson was exactly like his first lesson. He has a lesson scheduled for every Thursday now, and hopefully we won't be rained out for tomorrow's lesson. 

Not surprisingly, Rory isn't a very efficient sheep herder. He purposely separates the sheep so he can chase them around. Our instructor doesn't seem too concerned, he only tried it twice so maybe he's getting the hint. Tomorrow is his last lesson with his trainer and him out with the sheep. Next time I will be out there guiding him along and teaching him his cues. 

One thing Rory has been good about lately is not pulling me! At his herding lesson he cannot pull me down to the sheep, so I've been working with him at home on loose leash walking, walking around the block, and having him lay down randomly. (I'm having him lay down in weird situations so he will pay more attention to me around sheep.) I have a feeling he might actually turn out to be a good sheep dog! :)