Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's nothing like walking your dog in the rain. That's what I did today. I brought Rory to a park where we dodged giant puddles and searched for cover from the rain. It was actually fun! He doesn't like the rain, but he also doesn't like doing nothing either. There was an old playground I let him play on. He lead the way up the steps, and he even walked over the shaky bridge! I'm going to bring him to this park again since it's super close, and I'll also bring my camera along so I can make a video of him!

He's doing such a great job!

The picture below is a fail. We were under a gazebo next to the playground. He was soaking wet and wouldn't stay still for a good picture. :p


  1. Rory sounds like a good candidate for agility class if he's willing to cross a wobbly bridge!

    1. I'll be doing agility with him when he's older. He's too young to start class right now, that's why I'm having him play on the playground. :)