Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Success! Well, kinda.

Rory has done such a great job around people lately that I decided to being him along with us to the Library. I learned a couple things, and I also had some great training sessions with him.

Rory is surprisingly calm around girls, but once he sees a boy, his energy just changed and he goes wild... I'm pretty sure there are 2 reasons for this; reason 1, he played with boys at his old home, and reason 2, boys are crazy.

We walked outside mostly, and I brought him into the library a few times. He was good, but he still tried to jump on people. He didn't because he has the head collar on, but I could tell because of the look in his eyes...

I also played with him on the playground! I recommend to anyone who has an active dog and wants to do something like agility, but their dog is too young to train on a playground! I worked on sit and stay while I climbed the steps, him jumping on the benches, him walking on the playground, and I desensitized him to the spooky swings. :p It tired him out a bit, which is hard to do!

The most important thing that I've learned today is that Rory causes damage.... My mom will always say goodbye to the volunteer and end up talking for a hour... I went in to speed her up, and Rory saw a new girl who was working on her laptop. He tried to jump on her and hit her laptop, pulling out one of the letter keys. I felt awful because I know those are SUPER expensive to repair. I still feel pretty bad about it. My dog is a disaster waiting to happen.... He already has a record for destruction, he tore up his old owner's floor! I'm going to be extra careful next time. A few people already think he's a Dingo thanks to my brothers. Him acting like one doesn't do him any good.


  1. It sounds like Rory is improving, but still has room to improve. Your doing a great job training him.

    Your Library let's dogs in it?

    1. Thanks. I'm allowed to bring my dogs into the library. I've even brought 2 of our goats there when they were babies! Since I live in the country, no one really cares. :)

  2. Don't worry too much about him ripping out a letter key. Those things can be pressed back in place.
    You're doing great with this crazy boy with the gorgeous eyes;)