Monday, September 24, 2012

Rory The Kelpie :)

This is a blog like no other! This is not a personal blog, it is ALL about my insane dog Rory! Here, I will tell you about the ups and downs of our trainig sessions, you'll have access to pictures of him that are not in his Facebook page, and you will get the chance to see a crazy puppy turn into a well behaved dog. :)

Rory is a very enthusiastic  9 month old Australian Kelpie. I adopted him on the 26th of August, and he's already improved soo much! I don't think he'll ever calm down though. :p

1 comment:

  1. First, thank you for rescuing a dog, that's awesome. LOL Rory will calm down, eventually, when he's 'old and grey'. Australian Kelpies are very high energy, energizer bunny, dogs. Dare I say maybe even high energy than a BC?

    It's grand he has his own blog site. Have bookmarked, liked etc. and will pop back to check on Rory's progress.