Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've updated this blog! Let's get started!

Rory has started Nosework classes, we go every Wednesday and so far we're on our 4th class. All he has to do is find treats that are hidden in boxes, it's easy and he has a blast! This class is perfect for reactive dogs like Rory, only 1 dog is searching at a time, the other dogs are crated in another room while they wait. Rory has seen a couple dogs while he was there though, and I had to just drag him away.

I had Rory signed up for a private herding class but she facility kept making me reschedule the lesson. I ended up going to a different place for sheep herding, I met a woman who is a herding trial judge at a Dog & Pony show I was at, she is going to give Rory herding lessons. Our lesson is scheduled this this Monday!

Rory hasn't improved much around dogs. I'm able to have him watch me while we are near Delilah, but only at a far distance. I'm just going to keep on taking baby steps.

Rory starting Nosework and Herding will hopefully somehow help with his reactivity towards dogs. My dad hasn't said a word about re-homing Rory (he doesn't really like him) so it seems like he is here for good. Rory is slowly improving, I bet him getting older has a lot to do with it. He is still a puppy, mentally. He isn't as wild, he now has calm moments. He also isn't always jumping on people! This little puppy still has a long way to go….

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