Monday, April 1, 2013

Rory has an enemy

It seems like every time Rory takes a tiny step forward, he then takes a giant leap backwards.

Today, for example, instead of him calmly watching the goats he was growling and lunging at the fence. Oh, and he also had a fight with Shiloh. I was outside with Rory, my younger brother, and mom when out of the blue Shiloh charged Rory. It looked like she was attacking him because he was trying to walk away from her but Shiloh was on top of him. Once Shiloh was grabbed he then tried to go after her.

Delilah was outside with Shiloh too, and this time she wasn't scared of Rory, the whole time she stood at a distance watching. The front and back doors to the house were both closed, Shiloh opened my brother's door, which wasn't locked, and that's how they got outside.

Now Rory has a "friend" and an enemy.

Because Rory has been limping on and off on his back right paw, I haven't been able to take him on a long walk then train him near Delilah. I might just take a risk and try right now.... 

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