Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rory finally met sheep!

I like to expect nothing from my dogs so if they fail, I'm not disappointed, and if they succeed, I'm thrilled.

At Rory's herding lesson today, I expected him to act like a crazed animal. I thought his eyes would be glued to the sheep and he would ignore me. Well luckily, I guessed wrong. :)

Rory did exactly as he was asked to, he would go out around the sheep and didn't bite them. I was very concerned he would try to bite the sheep, but he didn't! Once, one of the sheep left the group and Rory took off chased after him, cornering the sheep by the fence. He was able to get the sheep back to the group without using his mouth. I was so relieved!

It seems like Rory is going to make an excellent herding dog!!

I actually still have some good news! Rory had an unexpected meeting with my other dog, Delilah, again today. I told my mom Rory was outside but she forgot and let Delilah out. The second Delilah saw Rory, she ran to the front door. :[ Rory followed at a distance, and I called him and he came to me! He didn't try to sniff her or anything. He had no reaction that I could notice. He somewhat ignored her. Tomorrow I will continue his training and have him 'watch me' while Delilah is at a distance.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how Rory behaved today. :)

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