Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rory The Centurian

Rory's costume is complete! It's not only a Halloween costume, it's also his Doctor Who cosplay costume!! I can't keep this secret anymore; I'm going as Amy Pond, and Rory is going as Rory! One of my brothers is the Doctor, so I'm taking advantage of this and creating a Doctor Who Halloween video! If you've never watched the BBC show Doctor Who, you probably think I'm insane. Go on Netflix and watch it! There's a reason it's the longest running sci fi show!

That's it for today. Other than being followed by a dog on a walk, nothing exiting happened.

I forgot to mention that his costume is homemade. That means it will need some work. :p

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  1. Popped in from the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.... I love Kelpies....and agility. I haven't seen too many at the trials I attend, but used to have agility class with a couple. They are amazing agility dogs!