Monday, February 25, 2013

Prozac Update

Great news, I have a some what normal dog now! And he cuddles!

Rory's vet agreed with us that Prozac is vital for his training. For a week now, Rory has been getting his pills, and I already notice a difference in his behavior!

Rory will obnoxiously nip and jump on me when he is bored or ready to play. Today, he glanced at me as if he was *thinking* of flinging himself onto me, but instead he snatched his ball. I was amazed!!

He also slept in my bed with me for the first time! Usually he just won't sleep unless I send him to his crate. Last night he was snugging with me, and amazingly he didn't leave the bed!

I'm thrilled to see such an incredible change in only a week! The dosage is low, so he isn't and won't act drugged or sleepy all the time. The full effect will take place in a few more weeks, then we head back to his trainer.

I'm so so happy to have a dog that snuggles! My mom says he is a real dog now that he has calmed down a tad. Having a real dog is nice! :)

(The pictures are of him sleeping on my lap. Never once have I ever dreamed of this happening!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Yay!! I'm so happy to here that the Prozac is working with Rory. It has allowed him to find his off button:)