Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rory's Evaluation

Rory met his new trainer last Thursday. Not a lot happened, we mainly talked, then she brought in a dog to see his reaction.

I did learn that Rory is not aggressive, he just has no clue how to behave around dogs. He wants to play but is unsure so he goes wild. She said it's probably good I didn't let him greet my other dog off leash because there probably would have been a fight. He would have been too rough and wanting to play, and my other dog would have freaked, and Rory wouldn't understand that she wants him to stop.

For those of you interested in the first half of Rory's new training 'plan', here it is!

First, I need to make a vet appointment for Rory. I'm highly considering giving him Prozac, so I'd like to talk with his vet.

It takes a couple weeks for the full effect of the medication. In the mean time, I will be teaching him to be calm in a crate that will be put in the living room.

Then we will head back to his trainer for a lesson.

                                            And, I might start a nosework class with him!

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